Outsourcing Mothers(2014)

HD, single- channel, color, sound

10:53 minutes

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Performance: Lianne Gould, Courtney Hebberman, Youngsoon Jin, Peter Lindon, Margie Ripper, Isaiah Offengenden
Camera: John Nieddu, Peter Lindon

Outsourcing Mothers playfully explores the relationships between the individual self and a broader unknown through a visual feast representing the "mother" and "child" against the backdrop of world globalization. Through the use of symbolical actions by residents in South Australia, juxtaposed over layers of images, and their private stories providing the background sound, this video highlights the psychological disorientation of the modern world along with the inherent conflicting emotions of the mother who has been "outsourced” such as competition, insecurity, and frustration. The intended result of which is to evoke in the viewer a sense of a global connectedness and a discomfort at having to surrender the individual self to the impersonal multitude.