Unknown Myth is comprised of the wearble sculpture part and the performance video piece. 

In this performance video piece, Unknown Myth illustrated the opening of the mental door to smash flowers. This art process is I call psychological mathematics. For example, if I start with a wrong recognition of my voice, such as a wrong numerical formula during the building of content in the art piece the logical tower will be a failure.

The difference from pure mathematics is that all of the pieces are not always having the correct answer. I am not sure about what is the correct answer. I guess it’s closely connecting with my satisfaction of the work, but it’s not about perfection. Even if I reach at 1+2=4, it will make sense for me

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  • Unknown Myth (2008)

    DVD Video

    3:17 minutes

  • Unknown Myth (2008)

    styrofoam, many small tchotchkes, casio digital watches, fake rose flower, re

    d light