Follow Me (2010)

DVD video

2:01 minutes

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In this video, Follow Me (2010), I started with Netflixing several hundred movies to collect scenes within which an actor/actress/animation character says “follow me” based on specific situations. I then Twittered the actions or ideas highlighted or implied by these situations. Through this work, I attempt to interrogate human authority, power relationship in gender, and the need for popularity – all connected with the keyword, “follow me.” Rooted in my background of growing up in Japan as a follower of American culture, such as Hollywood movies, I always made sure whether I was a correctly social person to follow the stream of the times, news, and trends rather than exploring them originally. One way to put it is that I was under a type of social-spiritual totalitarianism. Also, each scene rapidly changes from one to another with high tempo while I am typing a Twitter status. This reflects the life speed of Internet people –Netizens.