Kahori Kamiya was born in Nagoya, Japan and moved to New York, where she received her MFA in fine art from the School of Visual Arts.

Her work explores the idea of frailty in individual identity as it relates to the broader society. She gets inspirations by observing the inherent contradictions that arise from various social situations, expectations, and stereotypes. 

Kahori has participated in both national as well as international exhibitions and film/video festivals including DIY Cultures, London (2017); FILMEDIO, Index Art Gallery, Newark (2017); Where We Are, Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck (2017); Wait for Red, Otherwise sink or fly -solo exhibition, Prospect Gallery, Australia (2014); Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn (2012); the 14th Media Art Biennale Alternative Now, Poland (2011); Soho 20 Chelsea Gallery, New York (2010).

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